Tiger Tae Kwon-Do Student's Tournament Achievements To Date:-

Pattern - Yon-Hap Champs 2007
(10 Years and under): 3rd LEWIS ROE,
(11-14 Years): 1st MARK BURTON,
(Black Belt): 2nd IAN WAUMSLEY.

Sparring - Yon-Hap Champs 2007
(10th to 6th Kup): 8 years and under: 2nd MIA DRURY
(9-12 Years): 3rd CAMERON FISHER. (5th to 1st Kup): 2nd TOM BURTON
(Black Belts): 1st IAN WAUMSLEY, 3rd MARTIN HEALEY.

Destruction - Yon-Hap Champs 2007
(10th-6th Kups): FOOT 16 Years+: 2nd TERENCE JONES
(HAND 16 Years+): 2nd TERENCE JONES,
(Black Belt): HAND 16 Years+: 1st STEVE LOCKYER.

Pattern - Yon-Hap Champs 2006
(Seniors): 3rd place- Leon Wechter, 2nd place-Kate Ringham, (Adults): 4th place-Martin Healey.

Sparring - Yon-Hap Champs 2006
(Pee-Wees): 2nd-George Ellis
(Juniors): 2nd-David Davies. (Seniors): 4th-Kate Ringham, 3rd-Leon Wechter, 1st-Joe Roberts.